Shawn Crowle

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“Shawn Crowle's voice evokes a world-weariness belied by his age.


A smoke-infused, dusty melancholic with just the slightest touch of hope. A down at the heels prairie town, boot & faded jean wearing country boy sings from his heart, operatic pretensions be damned.


This is the real deal; these words resound in your head; flapping coal-black crow's wings like harbingers of some truthful, sad & apocalyptic upheaval of the psyche. Grit & raw feeling make pregnant every lilting, jagged pause, turn every bit of found lyrical beauty into some rare tear-like gem that you could easily find sparking from the corner of the eye of that former beauty queen waiting tables at the local gin-joint, brazenly sizing you up even as she cries, blue cigarette smoke wreathing her head like a cancerous blessing bestowed by the goddess of inebriation, knowing that when you've drank enough beer, you'll hit on her, & she'll feel better about herself for refusing your slurred, quasi-pugilistic advances.


...Pause. Listen. Is that the wail of coyotes over the horizon?


...The funereal moan of the wind through the sage?


...The click of worn down boot heels on the tarmac of the highway?


...The last-person-awake-anywhere-sound of a hollow, haunted freight bound for forever; sparking & spitting, grinding, rocking, and shrieking through the midnight-muffled intersection cutting a steel swath through your town?


Shawn would have us living in a melancholy, faded, evening; a fragrant, twilight-kissed, warm-summer-dusk-prairie night, forever infused with the sepia tones that we ran laughing through; innocents unconcerned with anything outside of the prairies of the wheat belt. He would have us go back there; considering the sunset with a drink in our hands, a cheroot smoldering in a tin can at our elbow, & an old, weary dog sprawled at our feet. His narrative voice is such that he at the same time sounds meditative, introspective, spiritual, reflective and exuberant when you sing, qualities of prayer.


-Thane Satyr,
Former drummer/vocalist of the Naughty Divas and
Rawlco Radio Recording Artists Dean Lonsdale and the Ramifications